Nourish My Soul™ Toolbox

Reset, Refocus, and Restore Your Soul

A Wellness Toolbox with Purpose and Intent

Nourish My Soul  is an integrated soul care and self-care toolbox that promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. These toolboxes are available as part of the Restore My Soul workshop offered by Hope Matters, PLLC. Each workshop participant will receive a complimentary personalized wellness toolbox to support the practice of spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Nourish My Soul™ Toolbox Women’s Edition

Nourish My Soul™ Toolbox Men’s Edition

What is Included in the Toolbox?

Each workshop participant will receive a toolbox with the items below.
Workshop participants will learn how to personalize their toolbox to their specific needs.

  • Adult Self-Care Coloring Book:

    reduce stress and anxiety, induces restless mind, improves motor skills and vision, improves sleep, improve focus

  • Candle

    calms the mind, improves mood, stimulates memory, supports a restful sleep.

  • Positive Affirmation Cards

    change negative thought patterns into positive ones, influence subconscious mind to access new beliefs, boost self-esteem.

Nourish My Soul ™ Journal/Pen

This journal will inspire you to make healing, harmony, and balance a priority for your soul through journal prompts and self-reflection.